Tis the season of giving

There’s no other feeling,  like the feeling one gets in giving.  Jackplays members knows exactly how that feels.  After raising funds from the year end party ticket sales and also from members voluntary donations and fund raising,  the sum of One Hundred and Eight Thousand Naira (N108,000.00)  was raised which was used to purchase food items and toys for the orphans at Divine Wounds of Jesus Christ Orphanage Home, located at Kubwa.

Here are some pictures from the visit. 

We wish to say a BIG thank you to all  the JP members that took their time in planning the visit and executing it so well.  Especially to those that donated money,  food,  and toy items.  Special thanks to Elferide Kormawa  for raising up to 80,000.00!  And also to Adanna Enwezor and Lariat Alhassan for making the effort to ensure that the visitation was a success.

We believe that in  order to receive you must give.  And tiny drops of water makes a mighty ocean… Next year will even be bigger and better!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year JPs!

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1 thought on “Tis the season of giving

  1. Chibuike Iroegbu

    Great ideas we ve got about the giving. Giving is synonymous with living. the essence of living is giving. is not just in the doing but the satisfaction derived from it. Nothing is worth doing if it does not involve living to give. It is examplified by God giving himself to us, teaching so to do. I welcome us to the life of giving which is a life of living.

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