The Role of Women in our Economy and Belonging to the Other  Room 

Do women have  roles to play in the growth of the economy ?  Are women meant to be restricted to the household to perform  only certain duties ?  Can men and women both contribute equally to society and the economy at large?

In other to answer these questions,  at the last game night we discussed  The Role of Women in our Economy and Belonging to the Other Room.

Press play to listen  to the discussion :

Here are some of the points that stood out


According to Mr Okechukwu (Bilingual Translator)

I believe a woman’s place is not in the kitchen, she does not need an education to be smart, it is in born.

But some woman let their education get to their head, to the point of pocketing their men.

According to Mr Daniel (Financial Analyst)

You don’t need to enforce leadership,there is a way you present yourself that the woman in question will respect you.

The man has to be a man of vision, if your wife has more vision than you, then there is a tendency for you to be intimidated by her success. But if you are a man that know where you are going to, whatever  your wife has achieved would not be a problem.

So it boils down to self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth on both parties

According to Mrs Offia (Lawyer)

Lets not judge relationships, simply by people’s personalities.

Here are some pictures from the event :







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