The Rise of Trump: Leadership Lessons

The just concluded US presidential election has tongues wagging, eyes popping, hairs pulled, you name it…The general speculation was that Hilary Clinton would win the race for the white house, however, at the end, the victory of Donald Trumps was not only surprising but shocking to many.

This makes one to wonder “How did he do it?” Like him or hate him, there are lessons to be learned from Trump, not only as a politician but also as an entrepreneur.

Hence, at the last Jackplays Game Night for Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs, held on November 25th 2016, we discussed “The Rise of Trump – Leadership Lessons”.

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The following points were made on Trumps leadership skills

1. Exhibit the characteristics of the people you wish to lead

This would create the sense of “one of us” and as a result makes it easier for you to lead them.

2. Show solidarity

Trump was able to convince the people that he has their interest at heart.

3. Create a leadership identity

Instead of waiting to be appointed a leader, you should be proactive in creating a leadership identity.

4. Promise and  deliver

Through out history it is this final point that determines a strong leader. You should be able to show that  your words can be translated  into deeds by your past achievements.

Read about the 5 business lessons to be learnt from Donald Trump HERE

At the end of the discussion we played Jenga in two teams led by Ini Ekwere and Tobore Oru.

Ini’s team won the game.

Watch the moment the “Trump Tower” came crashing down

Some photos of the night:
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