Tension and Stress are what every individual experience almost on daily basis. Wherever you go, they go after you. There is stress and tension at work, at home and in relationships. There is stress and tension due to health problems, and stress and tension brought about by one’s financial situation.

Sometimes, you can eliminate or change the external cause, and sometimes you cannot. Often, when you cannot change the external cause, you become more stressed. If you can deal with the external cause that’s okay, but what if you cannot?

Dealing with stress and tension should begin from within you. External causes might be the trigger for them, but in most cases, your attitude and thoughts are the real causes.

You might not always be able to deal with external condition, but you can certainly teach yourself to change your attitude. With a change of attitude, stress and tension would disappear, irrespective of your external conditions.

Take two different people, with different mental attitudes, and put them in the same situation.

If you observe their behavior, you will see two different behavior patters. One might get stressed easily, feels exhausted, and dwells on negative thoughts, while the other person remains calm, relaxed and happy, and at the same time also energetic.

These Simple Tips Can Help You Manage Stress And  Tension.

.Drinking a cup of water helps too. If you feel stressed or tense before going to sleep at night, a glass of milk, warm or cold can make you feel more relaxed.

Find causes to laugh. Watch a comedy on TV, or read something     funny.

Leave everything that you are doing at the moment, and take a walk outside.

Take it easy. Don’t pile up tasks, chores and goals. If you plan too many things to do you will probably feel stressed. Make a plan, but focus on one thing at a time.



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