Jackplays Events started in 2014 by two friends who were returnees, after living in the United States for a while, we discovered that in Nigeria and Abuja in particular, people are fond of meeting new people through mutual friends, which end up creating cliques, and as such making it difficult to meet new people easily. Unlike in advanced countries, where networking is encouraged for business, career or personal reasons, we discovered that was not the case in Nigeria. The concept of “who knows who’ reigns.

We decided to start a business that addressed that issue, hence the birth of Jackplays Events. The name “Jackplays” is coined by the saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” and we added “Jackie a dull girl”.

Research has emphasised the need for play in the workplace. It has been proven that creating time for fun or play in the workplace boosts productivity and creativity, reduces stress and sick days, creates strong relationships and develops social skills.

At Jackplays Events we organise both indoors and outdoors events that are fun, such as, team building activities, networking events, corporate events, seminars and conferences. We also provide games hire services for events and parties of all types.