Whether you like or not, procrastination is the grave opportunities are buried. People have reacted to this, but I tell you, the more they react, the clearer it becomes to them and the clearer it becomes to them, the more they realize the opportunities they have buried in the grave dug by procrastination.

Now, you have a set deadline o submit your proposal, knowing fully well, that the contract or job you are looking for is as well being looked for by thousands, instead of doing your work when you are supposed to, you are busy fiddling with miscellaneous things like checking your emails, social media, watching videos, surfing blogs and forums, while you know you should be working.

We are all familiar with procrastination phenomenon. When you procrastinate, you squander away your free time and put off important tasks you should be doing, till it gets too late and when its indeed too late, you now begin to panic and wish you got started earlier.

Here is all you need to put a permanent end to procrastination.

  • Accept that you procrastinate: The first thing for you to do in stopping procrastination in life is to accept the fact that you procrastinate and you need to stop. This is because so many people do not know when they are procrastinating and when they are not. For example, you need to carry out a research and you have a laptop, a modern a pen, paper. And you are saying “I will do it tomorrow” my dear, you are procrastinating. If you have what it takes to start up something and you are unwilling to start that minute, you are procrastinating.
  • Checkout for the reasons you procrastinate: You need to ask yourself “ why am I procrastinating, why am I refusing to do what am  supposed to do now, why am I pushing it to another day” discover your weak point in carrying out your assigned task.
  • Remind yourself of your desired goal: Try to remind yourself of your desired goal and the importance of it , tell yourself the need you have to achieve your goal.
  • Pen down your goals: Learn to write down on paper and set it as a reminder for yourself, make it a daily schedule and a must read on daily basis
  • Analyze or reduce them into beats: Analyze your goal and set strategies that will help you achieve them easily with fun, we have observed that people easily achieve their goal without procrastinating, they simply do it with fun, hence everything need for the success of the task is available
  • Hang out with people who inspire you to take action: Be careful of the kind of people you associate with, do not always be found in the company of those who have nothing to contribute to your life, always be found around those who will motivate you to do something
  • Force yourself to do it: Do not always give in to thoughts that will discourage you from doing that which you ought to do at the exact time, when you know that the benefits of doing your work at that time is better than the consequences of not doing it , FORCE YOURSELF TO DO IT.

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